1. Eight months ago, I got a used Canon 600D, knew nothing about how to use a DSLR, learnt the basics on my own, and started heading out to shoot casually.

    Last night, I was gratefully commissioned to shoot for the Singapore Grand Prix, off a moving helicopter.

    There are strictly no private heli tours allowed in Singapore for the public, unlike in the US, which made this experience a lot more valuable.

    It was a terribly hazy night though, and it badly affected visibility and image quality.

    Shot with my recently acquired Canon 6D, and a rented Canon 16-35 f2.8 L lens.

  2. For 10deep FALL 14

    Model : Joy Highfield 

  3. Random night ventures with jordan-joe

  4. Stussy x Vans

  5. Three Buns, Jakarta.

  6. Pigalle

  7. Stussy

    Publish Brand

    CNCPTS x Asics

  8. CNCPTS 

  9. Part of today’s shoot for Escalier Store. 

    Model : Jordan Joe

  10. Customized ‘Lance Mountains’ .

    Sneakers : Melvin 

    Painted by : Yumi

  11. Ellie Goulding.

    Sunny Side Up Festival 2014, Bali.

  12. Ellie Goulding. 

    Sunny Side Up Festival 2014, Bali.

  14. Azealia Banks.

    Sunny Side Up Festival 2014, Bali.

  15. Banks.

    Sunny Side Up Festival 2014, Bali.